I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.

-Mother Teresa

Our Team

The Plant 4 Harvest team have been hand selected for their ministry experience, authenticity, approachability and honesty. Combined they have more than 50 years of experience and have learned just as much from their failures as their successes which gives our planters a front row seat on church planting fundamentals and exposure to planting models that are the way of the future.

Bishop Timothy Wynn


A visionary by creation with a big heart and Click Here To Read More...


Calling Future Leaders

If you feel called to use your skills for the church planting community and would like to intern with us either for community service hours (youth) or ministry experience, please let us know here.

More about - Bishop Timothy Wynn - Co-Founder, Lead Pastor and President

A visionary by creation with a big heart and understanding mind, Tim has proven to find opportunities where others find problems. Over the last 10 years Tim has pastored, grown, and started over 35 churches. These churches have launched in several states across America.

The experiential knowledge gained on that journey has proven to be significantly useful as it translates to project management and consulting for churches. Tim has a passion for meeting people where they are, identifying where they want to go, and then helping them get there. He’s married to Jeneva and they share 3 precious daughters together.

Tim’s ministry and family experience has helped to shape a firm that is built upon a family oriented foundation. Tim has traveled the country and various parts of the world consulting, mentoring, and coaching pastors and churches in some of the hardest to reach communities and environments. His personal mission is to inspire and motivate people to advance in whatever sphere they may be found.