Developing Healthy Leaders

for Multi-Ethnic Urban Ministry

Are you a Planter or Partner?




We discover leaders in various sectors of society who feel called to lead faith communities.
We develop healthy leaders to lead healthy churches in today’s multi-ethnic society.
We deploy healthy leaders to start various church planting models all over the U.S. and abroad.

Why Choose

Plant 4 Harvest?

Choose us because collectively we have over 50 years of experience in church ministry and church planting. We’ve succeeded, we’ve failed and learned from both and can pass those lessons on to you.

Choose us because we serve from a ‘Wounded Healer’ paradigm that helps lay the ground work for a healthy church built on vulnerability and transparency.

Choose us because as multi-ethnic leaders we understand the various challenges planters will face in a multi-racial society that many other church planting organizations simply could never understand.

Choose us because we are committed to working with leaders to help you navigate your personal and ministerial life with a planting framework that is not centered on western theology but from the lenses of people at the margins.

Gain Essential Understanding

of yourself, your call and your God

Grow In Your Gifts And Callings

As we help you discover your unique DNA, how God wired you for service and be encouraged in everything God has deposited in you.

Learn And Work With Apostolic leaders

From the very beginning, Plant 4 Harvest is not building their own thing. We understand that we are to equip our planters and then deploy them into the various work God has for them. From day one, we are pouring into you providing covering, mutual encouragement and training to help you become all God destined for you.

What Our Clients Think

The Team at Plant 4 Harvest are phenomenal leaders, and visionaries. Their sincere love and compassion for people is limitless. From the first time I met them, it felt like family. They value ordinary people, and they have an insurmountable drive to help others get to their next level in life. Whether it’s starting a church or opening a business, they are driven to see you succeed.

Pastor Dan & Sierra Rivers