About Us

“Great leaders are teachable leaders.”

We’ve Been There

The Plant 4 Harvest team has been where you seek to go. As a planter or urban missionary called to the cities of America, we not only take the time to train and coach you, we become family. Our Board members are in different parts of the country ready to be a source of encouragement to you and most of all, keep it 100 with you always. We’ve succeeded and we have failed, you get the knowledge we’ve learned from both the good and the bad.

How We Serve Pastors, Planters, Missionaries, Leaders

Our mandate is to discover, develop and deploy leaders for missions and/or church planting in any context utilizing a variety of models. We believe in principles to follow not a cookie cutter process. We allow you to keep the vision God gave you for your faith community and the unique DNA that makes you different from others. We come alongside you to help you in your personal development (to be a healthy leader) and in your organizational development (to structure for a healthy faith community) and then provide regional and national training to publically release you into ministry either through your local denomination or through our own credentialing association. Our service platforms consist of:

  • Training and Development that centers voices from the margins
  • Church Planter Research
  • Service Learning (missions trips, interning, etc. )
  • Spiritual Covering (accountability and credentialing)
  • Planter Marriage Coaching
  • Referral to Partners who help with branding, equipment, supplies, etc. at a discount

We Help You Know Yourself Better And God More.

You are uniquely wired by God to leave your mark on the world. We help you get to know yourself through a variety of assessments that will help you lead better. In addition, we provide gatherings that create an environment will God’s presence is welcomed. We believe in all the gifts of the Spirit and allow them to freely flow in our events. We want you to be impacted positively by your partnership with P4H and then go out and leave your mark on the world! God created you for such a time as this!

Meet Our Team

Together our team has over 50 years of collective wisdom and lessons from ministry. Each feels called to help planters, pastors, leaders and missionaries do what they are called to do by utilizing their gifts so you can utilize yours.

Bishop Timothy Wynn


A visionary by creation with a big heart and Click Here To Read More...


More about - Bishop Timothy Wynn - Co-Founder, Lead Pastor and President

A visionary by creation with a big heart and understanding mind, Tim has proven to find opportunities where others find problems. Over the last 10 years Tim has pastored, grown, and started over 35 churches. These churches have launched in several states across America.

The experiential knowledge gained on that journey has proven to be significantly useful as it translates to project management and consulting for churches. Tim has a passion for meeting people where they are, identifying where they want to go, and then helping them get there. He’s married to Jeneva and they share 3 precious daughters together.

Tim’s ministry and family experience has helped to shape a firm that is built upon a family oriented foundation. Tim has traveled the country and various parts of the world consulting, mentoring, and coaching pastors and churches in some of the hardest to reach communities and environments. His personal mission is to inspire and motivate people to advance in whatever sphere they may be found.