Holy Spirit Filled

I have had the opportunity to work alongside Pastor Tim & Pastor Jeneva Wynn for the last seven months. When the Lord called me to plant a church, they came alongside me and have continued to come alongside me in this journey. They are truly servants of the Lord that sacrifice for the kingdom of God. It is an honor for me to serve the kingdom with this team. In the past seven months, there has never been a time that my calls went unanswered. They have been beside me every step of the way, they have coached, encouraged, corrected, and most importantly, prayed with me. They are truly operating in their apostolic mandate from the Lord, and they are raising up end time leaders for an end time harvest. The love of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit is their guide in ministry, and it shows in how they treat those that they are called to lead. I look to the future with anticipation at what the Lord has for us, and what the Lord has for them.

Pastor Coral Nichols
Saving Grace Valley Church

Dedication And Commitment

Our Family is so thankful for the ministry of the Wynn Family. Their dedication and commitment in supporting us throughout our launch period was genuine and sincere. Full of wisdom and love, the Wynn family was available and willing.

Crystina Romero
Generation Church Miami, FL

Phenomenal Leaders

Bishop Tim and Pastor Jeneva Wynn are phenomenal leaders, and visionaries. The sincere love and compassion that they have for people is limitless. From the first time I met them, I felt like family. They value ordinary people, and they have an insurmountable drive to help others get to their next level in life. Whether it’s starting a church or opening a business, they are driven to see you succeed.

Pastor Dan & Sierra Rivers
Freedom Center Church

Like Family

Tim and Jeneva poured themselves into us during the cohort, and embodied the concept that church IS family. Not only can we more efficiently articulate our framed vision of Family Dinners Church, but we are better equipped to matriculate people through the discipleship process to produce Gospel-centered believers and organic disciple-makers!

Natasha Burton
Family Dinners Church Pensacola, FL

Powerful Ministry

Plant4Harvest has truly impacted my life and ministry. It has been such a blessing to have a women’s cohort where women from all stages of life came together to encourage and strengthen one another in their faith walks, marriages and ministries. It has been an experience that I will never forget.

Brandy Burton
New Orleans, Louisiana