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Bishop Timothy Wynn

Co-Founder, Lead Pastor and President A visionary by creation with a big heart and understanding mind, Tim has proven to find opportunities where others find problems. Over the last 10 years Tim has pastored, grown, and started over 35 churches. These churches have launched in several states across America. The experiential knowledge gained on that journey has proven to be significantly useful as it translates to project management and consulting for churches. Tim has a passion for meeting people where they are, identifying where they want to go, and then helping them get there. He’s married to Jeneva and they share 3 precious daughters together. Tim’s ministry and family experience has helped to shape a firm that is built upon a family-oriented foundation. Tim has traveled the country and various parts of the world consulting, mentoring, and coaching pastors and churches in some of the hardest to reach communities and environments. His personal mission is to inspire and motivate people to advance in whatever sphere they may be found.

Jeneva Wynn

Albray Lightbourne

Gabrielle Lightbourne

Anthony Bobo Jr.

Anthony D. Bobo, Jr.’s call to serve propels him to share experiences with others through lectures, courses, and workshops. His 27 years of developing, implementing, and training the federal workforce has equipped him to lead The Harvest Institute. He annually facilitates Diversity, Inclusion, Equity training with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for federal and private sector EEO managers, supervisors, practitioners, HR professionals, attorneys, and alternative dispute resolution specialists. He has served as an adjunct professor in Christian Leadership and Diversity at Greenville College (Greenville, IL) and as an instructor in Leadership and Workplace Conflicts at Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution (Greenbelt, MD). As of August 2020, he is the lead instructor for the “Commissioned To Lead” Urban Leadership Certificate Program through the Intercultural and International Leadership Institute (in partnership with Crown College, St. Bonifacius, MN) a program for those striving to impact communities for Christ through justice, reconciliation, and serving the poor. Anthony is the founder and Senior Associate at The Joseph Factor Group (National Harbor, MD) a collection of Christian-centered individuals dedicated to assist ministries, churches, and communities in reaching their full potential through the processes of visioning, strategic planning, and leading-edge business practices through collaborative facilitation. He is an ordained minister and one of his greatest joys is family.