Leadership Cohort

The Aaron and Hur Pastors and Leaders Cohort

This cohort is developed to support and equip leaders with the teachings and principles to be impactful in community through the loving power of mentoring relationships.

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Biblical Context

Exodus 17:12 When Moses’ hands grew tired, they took a stone and put it under him and he sat on it. Aaron and Hur held his hands up—one on one side, one on the other—so that his hands remained steady till sunset.

When the children of Israel were fighting the Amalekites, as long as Moses’ arms were raised with the staff of God, the Israelites would win the battle. When Moses got tired, Aaron and Hur came alongside Moses and lifted up his arms. That is what the “Aaron and Hur Cohort” is all about. As Christian leaders transforming communities for Christ, we constantly are fighting against injustice and the evils of the worldly system. We also get tired. This cohort is the “Aaron and Hur” to the Christian leader- to support and equip leaders with the teachings and principles to be impactful in community through the loving power of mentoring relationships. These are not just Christian leaders, but “end-time” Christian leaders who may not reflect the “traditional-type” of minister, but who responsive to the time, have urgency in delivering souls for Christ, and address the needs of this modern age.This one year cohort is unique because it is not only tailored to the specific needs of the participants, but it also is heavily relational where we are focused on building lasting relationships held together through the love of God.

Why Is The Sankofa Journey Important?

The Sankofa Journey helps us understand our racial history and acknowledges where we have been as a collective people. It allows us to open our hearts and minds to not only the pain and sorrow, but also to the hopes and accomplishments of our ancestors. It centers our spirituality deep in the Black church experience and opens our hearts and minds to the reconciliation and the healing God is calling us into. The message of Sankofa has found it’s expression in sermons and Negro Spirituals that speak to the pain and suffering, and the hope we find in God’s word to the Church and the people of God.  As we learn from our past, we can forge a present and a future for our communities as we reimagine how the church can become more relevant, connected, empowering and transformative.



Rev. Dr. Robert L. Owens

A graduate of North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago, Illinois where he received a Master of Divinity degree. Dr. Owens also holds a Master degree in Public Administration from Pepperdine University located in Malibu, California and a Doctorate degree in New Church Development from Columbia Theological Seminary located in Decatur, Georgia. He has over thirty years in church ministry, pastoral care, evangelism, and community involvement, emphasizing building the lives of people, both spiritually and economically.

Other Affiliations

CEO-Rivers of Life

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Anthony D. Bobo, Jr.

Anthony D. Bobo, Jr. ‘s nearly 30 years of developing, implementing, and training the federal workforce has equipped him to lead leaders from varying backgrounds and disciplines to fulfil their ultimate purpose. With an undergraduate degree from Bowie State in business management and a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University in government (with a focus in leadership), he is often called upon to mentor leaders. He has served as an adjunct professor in Christian Leadership and Diversity, lectures at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and as an instructor in Leadership and Workplace Conflicts at Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution. His co-authored Amazon best seller book “Commissioned To Love” has helped leaders striving to impact communities for Christ through justice, reconciliation, and serving the poor.

Other Affiliations

Senior Associate-The Joseph Factor Group

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Bishop Timothy Wynn

A church-planting practitioner with a heart for church multiplication. Tim has proven to find ministry opportunities in places where others mainly find problems. Over the last 10 years Tim has pastored, grown, and started nearly 50 new churches. The experiential knowledge gained on his journey has proven to be significantly useful as he continues to activate influencers by legitimizing authority, and clarifying first steps for unexpected people in marginalized places. He has graduated from Mid-Western Baptist Theological Seminary with a degree in Christian ministry. He has also continued his education with 2 masters programs — entrepreneurship and organizational leadership — from the University of Valley Forge.

Other Affiliations

President-The Harvest Community Church

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Dr. Efrem Smith

Efrem Smith provide life coaching for pastors (and spouses), church planters (and spouses), marketplace executives, artists, and nonprofit leaders. He along with his with Donecia focus on topics such as balance, prioritizing, spiritual health, reconciliation, leadership development, and organizational change and growth. They bring their successful background in high school varsity sports coaching into some of their approaches to helping clients succeed where they are now. Their results driven desire is for gifted people to discover and develop their abilities to influence transformation where they live, work, and among the people they care deeply for.

Other Affiliations

CEO-Influential Global

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What List of Services and Resources Are Offered for Current Pastors?

Planters, Pastors, Emerging Leaders, and Existing Leaders. We serve ALL communities, but we specialize in providing support, training tools, and funding to church planters and leaders who are serving in multi-ethnic communities. We offer tailored training to meet your individual ministry needs specific to the population served. We also provide you with access to potential funding streams, resources and mentorship for multiethnic leaders who serve low-income communities.


Our Service Platforms Consist Of:

• Enneagram Assessment • Training and Development – Cohorts will lead to churches being planted in cities.

• Service Learning (mission trips, interning, etc.)

• Spiritual Covering (accountability and credentialing)

• Echo Conference (Annual Gathering) • Plant4Harvest Discipleship Homes