Equipping Leaders

How We Can Help You

As stated in our organization mission and vision, Plant4Harvest’s goal is to transform communities by making key life investments into ministry and community leaders. We achieve this goal by developing healthy trauma-informed leaders for multi-ethnic ministry. The objective is to train in contextualizing ministry and missional work to an audience from all backgrounds, including people who feel called to lead faith communities (newcomers or existing leaders). We also will help develop their leadership skills to start and lead their own churches and desired communities.

Training and Development

The Harvest Institute

The Harvest Institute serves as an incubator for existing or emerging leaders. We prepare leaders to start and lead their own churches or missional outreaches by providing leadership coaching and training. After enrolling in our institute a church planter will be equipped to pioneer a church; a ministry leader will be able to start a non-profit missional work; and an existing pastor will gain the tools for church growth and multiplication. All leader participants will have the opportunity to join the Plant 4 Harvest Network after program completion.

The Harvest Institute currently targets 3 major categories:



Our objective is to help leaders define and articulate their calling clearly with confidence.


Missional Engagement

Our objective is to help leaders develop a ministry or missional work purposed for consistent and effective societal engagement. Leaders are encouraged to serve their community daily through their ministry work that will in return positively impact large and small community systems such as prisons, local community centers, and individual families.



God has breathed a new style of leadership that all Plant 4 Harvest birthed leaders will encompass. Our leadership is empathetic, bold, and fluently flows with societal changes. It is relevant to all ages, races, genders, and socio-economic backgrounds. The objective is to train in contextualizing ministry and missional work to an audience from all backgrounds.

What List of Services and Resources Are Offered for Current Pastors?

Planters, Pastors, Emerging Leaders, and Existing Leaders. We serve ALL communities, but we specialize in providing support, training tools, and funding to church planters and leaders who are serving in multi-ethnic communities. We offer tailored training to meet your individual ministry needs specific to the population served. We also provide you with access to potential funding streams, resources and mentorship for multiethnic leaders who serve low-income communities.


Our Service Platforms Consist Of:

• Enneagram Assessment • Training and Development – Cohorts will lead to churches being planted in cities.

• Service Learning (mission trips, interning, etc.)

• Spiritual Covering (accountability and credentialing)

• Echo Conference (Annual Gathering) • Plant4Harvest Discipleship Homes