About us

A New Generation of Ethnic Leaders

Our Mission

Develop healthy trauma-informed leaders for multi-ethnic ministry.

Our Vision

To transform communities by making key life investments into ministry and community leaders.

We will help you discover and define your unique DNA and God-Given vision as a leader to transform your community. We will build a working relationship to instill and equip you with healthy leadership skills necessary for personal and organizational growth. We provide regional and national training to release you into ministry either through your local denomination or through our own credentialing association. We are Trauma Informed – Our trauma informed leadership team will be sensitive to your learning needs. Plant 4 Harvest will encourage the development of your unique ministry leadership style, paying close attention to how your personal experiences shape your leadership and ministry. We will provide you the opportunity to learn trauma informed ministry practices. We focus on Diversity and Inclusion – We are Black leaders who represent diversity and inclusion within the faith-based community to positively impact multi-ethnic ministries.

We Serve

Planters, Pastors, Emerging Leaders, and Existing Leaders  We serve ALL communities, but we specialize in providing support, training tools, and funding to church planters and leaders who are serving in multi-ethnic communities. We offer tailored training to meet your individual ministry needs specific to the population served. We also provide you with access to potential funding streams, resources and mentorship for multiethnic leaders who serve low-income communities.

Our Service Platforms Consist Of:

• Enneagram Assessment

• Training and Development – Cohorts will lead to churches being planted in cities.

• Service Learning (mission trips, interning, etc.)

• Spiritual Covering (accountability and credentialing)

• Echo Conference (Annual Gathering)

• Plant4Harvest Discipleship Homes

Our Partners

Help Support Our Mission

Donating to Plant 4 Harvest will give individuals and organizations the opportunity to partner with God and share our vision to raise healthy trauma informed multiethnic leaders. By believing in us, you are embracing Gods call for Plant 4 Harvest to reach and impact community leaders who have a heart for ministry. Donations will assist with the success and journey of our current and future leaders birthed from Plant 4 Harvest. Our leaders are ready to transform their community with your help. Their stories are your stories, and their successes are your success.